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ようこそ / Welcome.

初めまして、私の名前はシェーンです。オーストラリアのアデレードに住んでいる、 31歳、アデレード大学の学生。趣味は日本と音楽制作です。このブログを楽しんで下さい。ここで、上手方になる生活が習うことができます!

I’m Shane. I’m 31 years old and currently live in Adelaide, South Australia. I’m an International Relations student at the University of Adelaide and aspire to move to Japan when I finish my studies. I studied Japanese at university but finished this course in 2020, so now I'm self-teaching to ideally get to 日本鵜力試験のN2 level in 2022 and N1 level in 2023.

In Japan, I will hit the reset button and build a new life.

Over the last ten or so years, music has been my primary life-focus and goal to strive towards and succeed in. I’ve spent most of my time writing, producing and performing music I’ve created and have loved creating for over a decade, with a large number of songs released on Apple Music and Spotify, as well as being involved with hosting a radio show on Adelaide’s Fresh 92.7 for the best part of ten years. In the last twelve months, I’ve felt a major shift in the lack of inspiration which carries me to write music going forward, with the realisation that I need to discover what really pushes me to succeed in life.

Perhaps music isn’t for me, or perhaps just not yet.

I realised I would only ever put as much effort into my music as I wanted to see as a result, and subsequently, I’ve discovered that I wasn’t as dedicated as I thought I was. This realisation set forth a series of thought processes in discovering what truly inspires me to progress my life, where to go next and what to do.

When it comes to my music, I have no regrets.

This is why I’ve realised how important it is to document this significant life change. I want to be able to look back at this moment in time and remind myself of how far I have come, how much further I want to go, and what I want to change. But the best way of doing that is being able to share it with those I care most about. So if you’re reading this, thank you for your love, your support, your kind wishes and for being your wonderful self. Don’t ever change who you are, just understand where you’re going and don’t be afraid to jump in with two feet.

Let’s see where life takes us. I certainly want to find out.


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